The Art of Crease Prevention


     The art of preventing ones shoes from creasing is one of scholarly proportions, everyone has their own methods of crease prevention but I always wondered which method is the best. Some people say wearing ones perfect shoe size is a way to prevent creasing, as going an unnecessary size up encourages creasing depending on how the person walks. The creasing of the individuals shoes can then be attributed to if they walk by pivoting off their front toes, by walking with ones feet parallel to the ground it makes sense that there will be less creasing. Other causes of creasing is how a person tightens their laces, the more loose the lace the less stress there is at the front of the sneaker.

The ritual I like to use to prevent the creasing of my shoes is pretty simple; by driving to long distances and not walking I am able to maintain a routine walking pattern. This way the weak leg which is my left is able to keep up with the right keeping excess pressure off one leg. Another method that can be used to prevent the creasing of ones shoe is stuffing ones shoe with the brown lining which comes with a new sneaker, one can even use the stuffing’s initially present in new shoes as a substitute.If I had any individual I could converse with about preventing creases in sneakers it would be the local shoe repair shop owner as the have a lot of experience working with shoes of all kinds. There is nothing more frustrating than getting a new pair of shoes and on the first day there is a multiple creases as this renders the shoe useless.


Summary of Plato’s Symposium


The symposium by Plato is a celebration of the love for philosophy as well as other arts demanding conversation such as poetry. Love as used is the pursuit of one’s craft an example is the philosopher who dedicates is time to study and the public. The speeches in the symposium serve many purposes one of which is being a piece juxtaposed with multiple meanings through which the reader can formulate their own ideas. This can be seen with the changed up dialogue at the end of the symposium where though the conversations of the speakers are practically the same other topics not in the readers initial read takes form. The symposium is a critique of the issues of said time period such as how teacher student relationships were viewed.

Summary on lasch argument for “Revolt of The Elites” Lost Art of Speech


     Political events of old are different from those of today in that events of the past were widely followed, unlike today where rallies and oratory speeches are not a form of entertainment. The equipment’s of the present diminished the skills of the oratory speaker of today as everything they do is not on the pitch but staged. The media as destroyed the influence of political candidates themselves as through the medias lead the public has come to expect a uniform performance, when said performance is not met the medias ability to manipulate the people strengthens. The art of arguing is very hard as you may not come out with the beliefs you had before, through argument information is proven to be true arguing.

Laschs “Revolt of The Elites” summary


     Lasch’s “Revolt of the Elites: And the Betrayal of Democracy” touches on the social and economic changing of times, in which as the years go by the individuals window of escape from elitist capitalistic goals are diminishing. Venues such as cafes which functioned as a means of cultural diffusion and social class disruptors are being replaced with advertisement boards and expensive restaurants, tailored for the rich. New spaces of gathering such as malls are built with the intention of making money, gimmicks such as background music make the breaking down of social classes difficult as individuals are being coerced to mingle less and spend more. The neighborhoods of the city are in danger as the family values that neighborhoods and its surrounding social outlets such as cafes and bars promote are replaced by elitist ideas of social gatherings. This presents a problem as the values about life kids learned from the neighborhood are now gone, so are the jobs and melting pot of races that called said neighborhood home.

Emerson on breaking away from global dependency

The American people need to produce their own goods in order to remain a globally dominant country as the outsourcing of jobs as crippled American opportunity. Though there are jobs in America they are not jobs of growth and opportunity, instead they are short term employment offering very little prestige. The individual is to read but should be strong enough to filter out what makes men brainwashed . The way through which the individual can free self from the oppression of capitalism is by liberating their minds. The talents of America are being wasted as those who study and strive only end up in a cycle of jobs where they cannot innovate, the books which they study  from condition them to accept a life that is not of  progress.

The excerpt “…

The excerpt “reading Obama” finds Obama’s anti-foundationalist, historicism and philosophical pragmatism approach to politics to be an undistorted American way.This American way is the ability to welcome change and make reforms if needed. The constitution was built with change in mind and the foreshadowing that later it would be revised. In being a democracy the opinion of both democratic and republican party is needed, through these two parties ideas can be formed through which laws can be made. The difference of the individual is the strength of the constitution. Obama’s policy making is not dependent on the pass but a forward outlook that builds on the constitution of old. In order for democracy to always progress the old forums of argument which made the laws of the constitution must be preserved but upon being found to inflict on a new generations view of democracy be made changeable, only through debate and the acceptance that the laws will change with generations can a democratic form of government be upheld.Image

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