Laschs “Revolt of The Elites” summary


     Lasch’s “Revolt of the Elites: And the Betrayal of Democracy” touches on the social and economic changing of times, in which as the years go by the individuals window of escape from elitist capitalistic goals are diminishing. Venues such as cafes which functioned as a means of cultural diffusion and social class disruptors are being replaced with advertisement boards and expensive restaurants, tailored for the rich. New spaces of gathering such as malls are built with the intention of making money, gimmicks such as background music make the breaking down of social classes difficult as individuals are being coerced to mingle less and spend more. The neighborhoods of the city are in danger as the family values that neighborhoods and its surrounding social outlets such as cafes and bars promote are replaced by elitist ideas of social gatherings. This presents a problem as the values about life kids learned from the neighborhood are now gone, so are the jobs and melting pot of races that called said neighborhood home.


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