Neil’s Autobiography on Literature Growth

Throughout my life starting with the learning of the alphabet and realizing that pronouncing said words in many different combinations resulted in words that told stories I was immediately hooked to literature. The biggest intellectual motivators for me during adolescents were my books which constantly changed in difficulty thanks to my grandmother. Books such as “There’ s a boy  in the girls” bathroom were not intellectual motivators but made me want to read more, the story was not complicated but as a kid I actually could relate to the troubled kid who just wants to fit in but went about it the wrong way. Being a bully was wrong and was not the right way to fit in, the protagonists problems made me access my approach to being a cool guy and probably lead to my being in SU. The book “Where the Red Fern Grows” was a step up from books such as theres a girl in the boys bathroom as it was completely different from the casual reads I took part in. This was a coming of age book and in reading said book I felt like I grew as a person I understood that in life if you want something you had to go for it, the protagonist wants a dog so badly that he saves up and orders the dogs without his parents knowing. Upon getting the dog he is transformed as a person because he as to take care of the dog, he as responsibility. The dogs are like items he cherishes and losing said dogs causes him to mature and I as the reader felt the protagonist pain, I learned that not all good things last forever. The Brian Jacques “Red Wall” book series made me my appetite for literature relentless, the colorful tale of treachery and the descriptive writing that brought the world to life made my imagination and my vocabulary grow. Another book that I fondly remembered was rolling thunder hear my cry, one can say the story was a coming of age in which the protagonist of the book as to deal with the harsh realities of the segregated south. The killing of the protagonist young friend made me really think about  the opportunities I had that were not present for African Americas during a certain time in history. Although I have read books that are more complex than the aforementioned books I learned many things from these books that were true to life and inspired and shaped who I am today.


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