Summarizing St. Augustines Confessions

The narrator Believes that all living things according to gods laws are sinners because as a kid he disobeyed adults and suspects babies are envious of their pairs, this along with temptations along life makes humans eternal sinners. Though one may not know they are sinning he contends that it is instilled in humans at a young age even though consciousness is not developed. As one grows older and consciousness is developed, the advent of youth and other stages of human growth takes the place of innocence, this the narrator contends is no different from being innocence because gods laws require one not to sin. The question of sins inevitability is then solidified in his life experiences. Sin is unavoidable simply for the fact that humans are born with feelings and when tragedy strikes, they will commit acts of sin to be happy. Humans in essence were made to sin through not knowing gods will, having never seen god all the individual can do is make their own inference on what gods laws mean. The task which are laid in front of the individual is  questioned, the faith which the faithful individual holds is also questioned. An example being is suspicion that those he’s seen catching the holy ghost were faking.


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