Summarizing Emerson’s Nature

Emerson’s Nature deals with the evolution of man, from seemingly insignificant worms or microscopic organisms to what we are today. Emerson considers everything in nature as having a role none significant than the other, this goes back to the worm though seemingly insignificant it has its own routine in nature. Evolution is unavoidable and the role things in nature play is not unknown but is always defined. Emerson believes that humans focus on histories and theories of the past instead of the present, this is not good because the mysteries of the universe remain unsolved according to emerson as stated in his poem about omens everything is predetermined and humans need not worry about the future but on the present. In the present we are able to explore and  find answers. Nature is a wonder in that humans can speculate in its mysteries but yet not know its secrets the more the individual focuses on nature the more in-tune they become. Nature never changes there is no such thing as a good day or a bad day, humans however distort nature with holidays if the individual was to be more conscious of nature they would enjoy life more. The inventions of man makes them something else not what nature intended, when man returns to the scenery of the outdoors however he is changed. Emerson questions whether the inventions man created is beneficial to man or holds back is natural state which makes him beautiful. everything is connected to nature, words are  variations of things associated with nature. Thus ones connection to nature is a reflection of good or bad. Writing and all things is thus the same, the quality  of work that a person puts out his based on experience. Good work or the good things associate with study are based on nature.  Nature is based on observation and experience thus all human fields of study is dependent on Nature which is the natural. The proof of natures dominance is in things such as religion which is in essence based on the mysteries of nature as being unknown.


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