Summarizing Thoreau’s “Solitude”

     The narrator Thoreau is fascinated by nature and how ones senses as well as ones serenity can be affected by nature. The human experience with nature is that of a relationship, nature acts on its own and man as to appreciate the things that nature does naturally, such as rain. Thoreau can be linked to Emerson’s nature in that they both think that man who are savage become more enlightened and lose bad habits that comes with living in society. Nature takes away the need to be around other humans, the complex called loneliness which is created by the neighborhood is negated because in nature, all one has to do is return to their natural self. This natural self is not dependant on unnatural things but instead the simplicity of their setting. He constantly describes norms of the city with the natural in order to get his point across that being involved with nature is essentially finding peace and peace is thus found through seclusion of self from unearthly things. Like emerson he believes that the love of nature is for the wise man who can appreciate natures many habit. This notion is backed up through his initial annoyance with the rain but through being in the forest secluded from technology which blinds the senses of men, he is able to appreciate nature, as not a inconvenience but a necessity. The individual Thoreau continues allow not natural circumstances to sway the way in which we live but outliers such as vanity. This he proclaim is not natural thinking but thinking generated by conditioning from other men. Similar to Emerson’s Nature Thoreau is fascinated by the ambiguity of Nature and how unknowingly men is drawn to worshipping nature in some shape or form. The human he proclaims his two people the self may be unaware but the natural instinct born in all things of earth offers a different perspective, this can explain why man when secluded revert back to such a self. Solitude is thus not physical space but is the individual withdrawing into self tuning the world out. Loneliness is not of the mind, isolation makes the individual realize like nature, that, loneliness is only a state of mind. Thoreau wishes not to be the destroyer of  nature but instead be the worshipper of the elements which naturally brings life. 


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