Midnight walking Observations

Taking a walk in the night is different from that of walking in the day, things change but nature stays the same. Things such as the human senses are heightened, one can say man becomes more in-tuned with nature during the night. Technology plays a different role at night, light post and other artificial forms of  light become very important as they improve the sight of humans who have long strayed away from nature. The human senses of hearing and smell are also heightened by the darkness. Those senses which are used in everyday life but are used less by the technology of men. While walking from main to south at 10 in the night, the senses were alive. The leaves which did not smell in the morning raked in there semi neat piles emitted an odor that was not noticeable in the morning.  The chirping of animals and the rustling of trees became more noticeable at night. The cemetery located on the way to south is more secluded at night than in the day. One thinks of the cemetery as a place reserved for mourning but at night the seclusions of the cemetery is not only limited because of mourning but because it feels alive. Going back to technology as stated earlier one may say humans depend on the modern inventions of self to ward of the senses offered by nature though it is a exhilarating experience being aware and having ones wits about you, it is also a scary experience. By this i mean paranoia or cautiousness that comes from seclusion should not be mistaken for enlightenment of any kind but instead should be viewed as protection from the unknown which is the darkness of the knight.


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