Charles Ives: Essay Before a Sonata

Charles, views Thoreau’s natural ability to observe as an uncanny tool that makes Thoreau a natural musician. Charles ives mentions that he even observes things that had nothing to do with his interest. Thoreau was not a musician in the  sense that he played an instrument but how he was able to notice things in nature, similar to how a composer notices things in music. Thoreau was and is not essentially as well known as other famous men because of his habit to want recluse, seeking seclusion from men. By staying in the confounds of society one becomes materialistic, Thoreau sought seclusion to get closer to nature as well as escape the consumerist and capitalistic endeavors that comes with remaining a part of society. Through Thoreau’s writing he is not secluded however as the reader is invited into a world where essentially they are able to see the good in his seclusion and make a decision as to if they want to take steps toward a life of spiritual enlightenment. Charles ives is able to further nail home is point of how great of a man Thoreau was with his quote “the Godness of man; have been greater if he hadn’t written plays. Some say that a true composer will never write an opera because a truly brave man will not take a drink to keep up his courage;.in fact, it is an attempt to say that many novels, most operas, all Shakespeares, and all brave men and women (rum or no rum) are among the noblest blessings with which God has endowed mankind — because, not being perfect, they are perfect examples pointing to that perfection which nothing yet has attained”. This is Charles ode to Thoreau and all intellectual thinkers who seek knowledge yes they are not perfect in that though they write properties of intellectuality in doing this they are essentially not writing to preserve spirituality but to remind themselves of their work, a sort of self indulgence. They are non the less great because they are humans who are unique and who don’t think like the common man speaking universally through there writings and guiding the individual, the use of shakespeare’s proves such a point as his work is universally known. 


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