Reflecting on a Sonata

The second sonata conducted by Charles Ives starts of peaceful and then goes into this merry upbuilding followed by calm once again. Similar to a voyage at see where there is calm before a storm, everyone is frantically preparing, there are colossal waves through which you survive on surviving everything reverts back to what they were before said storm. There are many different emotions thrown into the second senata   we have the classic approach, then you have a marching band esque sound which throws off the soothing beginning only to be followed with another calming sequence. The second sonata is very frantic and sort of reminds of someone  or something that is paranoid or schizophranic. This changing of tones is very comical and would otherwise be missed if was not informed during a class session. Comical in that there are american influenced sounds that are cartoonish and very traditional such as a marching band esque way of playing a melody, the loudest and most ecstatic sounds american and the more subdued british.


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  1. Nice reflections; you can also ponder the connection between the Sonata and Thoreau’s writing.

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