Summarizing Thoreau’s “Walking”

Thoreau’s “walking” defines how ones walk can be best spent, walking he concludes is best spent traversing nature. According to Thoreau walking is not something easily done and should not be undertaken by those who don’t have time on their hands such as someone suffering debt. Thoreau argues that the legs are meant to be used so confining them to spaces and daily routines is a waste. It is not enough to walk but certain things need to happen whilst walking, one as to have thoughts only suited for the woods. The vices of men such as roads are to be blame once again for impeding on the scholars connection to nature. The individual and civilization as they are now cannot be apart of an enjoy nature as there are so many distractions only through being in a pure wilderness can man truly appreciate nature. This is Thoreau’s wish, to have his fellow men experience nature in its purest form. That which is wild is best because they gain their influence from nature and that which is natural trumps all things man made for it is not tainted. Thoreau denounces the culture of man in that he believes it not moving men forward but backward. This can be seen with example of the wolf and how the people of the wild suckled by said wolf beat those more civilized.


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  1. Good job.

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