Thoreau “Conclusion”

Thoreau’s “Conclusion” calls for man to open their eyes as their occupations are not the only thing to be given attention. Man is urged to enjoy their work in ways that are not tedious but inquisitive and fulfilling. The individual does not need to travel like the animals of the world to experience knew things as the human mind affords him many places to travel. It is easy for any person to travel and explore with a crowd than to go alone, in this Thoreau is denouncing imperialism saying there is no honor. Though the imperialist go out with false pretense of educatingĀ  it is he who needs to be educated in morals as he goes not to learn but to create a vicious cycle which is the subjugating of peoples. Though one is to search for their path in life one is not to remain stagnant as to remain stagnant is to stop learning the individual is to always explore as Thoreau found out by seeking solitude. He would later realize that he had to leave an already learned path as there were new avenues to explore. Wealth cannot buy fulfillment only through knowing oneself can an individual truly prosper, in the end we are all humans and how one carries oneself is ultimately the most important task.


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  1. Great last sentence!

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