“Port Huron Statement” Summary

The “Port Huron Statement” sought to see the values of the people that are essentially in the constitution rung up  as the times in which the Huron statement was written revealed that the individual (the people) were not deciders in the direction of America but a chosen few. The Huron statement was drafted to address the major and minor problems facing America at the time this being racist bigotry in the south and the constant fear that came with the Cold War. The demand for change comes as a result of the wealthy’s unwillingness to change what benefits them, they according to the Huron remain usurped because they corrupt and condition the minds of those that can oppose them, this being the oppressed. The nation is more focused on bettering these individuals, the past of old allowed one to make changes according to own conscience but the future allows no such task as there is a system. Change is thus hard to come by as  those seeking change in the future do not have a clear idea of what the can do to change there situations, in a sense the have not come up with a way to combat the hardships that block progress in the future as they are stuck on teachings of old forgetting that they are face with changing times. It is a folly to try to change a people when one does not understand self in order for some form of change to take shape men have to realize what they want. This resolve makes a strong individual and when together a stronger people. Port Huron criticizes the  student for not caring about breaking the mold of the system and sticking to the norm. The Universities do not promote growth but rather Encourages  what the Huron Statement views as unnecessary work, the innovative students are thus left out as colleges encourage behaviors that sustain the structure of things. This lack of student interest comes  from politicians lying to the public in which the public feels no obligation to participate in politics as they feel they have no voice. The state of  government blame lays on the shoulders of politicians because as a voice for citizens they are not fulfilling the desires of the people. The rising failures of America a result of Unnecessary spending in which money is not being invested in a better government but instead on ways to make the people spend money on things they don’t need. The huge amount of money which can be used to end “poverty and deprivation” is is instead spent on military and industrial endeavors. The Cold War a means to make money another example of government using war as a means to get the individuals attention away from useless spending.


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