Kazin “Writing was everything”

Tom_Sawyer_1876Kazin’s “Writing was Everything” recaps the moments in the Authors life that made him like writing and provided a means of escape. This was an escape from the brutalities of the great depression which gave writers and artist a difficult time. This can be seen in Kazin’s recap of the room full of writers and how unable to get work a writer killed himself. The effects of writing and how it reflects the real world is seen in Kazin’s telling of an obsession with Oliver Twist. The author believes that such writings depicted the dire situations of his time and admires the bluntness with which the books and mentors he admired told the truth. The 1930’s were arduous times, one can look back through the writings of that time and catch a glimpse of what it was to live in the south. Though the times were hard in a sense this era brought about writers not in that there was no work to be had but there was writing to be done. The authors read by the author all have one thing in common and this is the relaying of events that happened during their time, they are ultimately deemed important  because of the account through which they retell events  that are controversial. Race  played a big part in the narratives of these times and shows the division of America. Kazin is in love with writing because of the different authors who present a world that he cannot portray himself, his love as a result of the vivid and passionate writing styles.


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