The Dark knight


The bank robbery in the opening minutes of the Dark Knight rises shows the contradictions of society it also served as a message of irony. The Bank teller asks the joker if he believes in a criminal code of honor and ask if he holds any kind of respect. There is irony in this statement because he a bank teller who works in a bank that works for personal interest is patronizing the robbers who in essence is doing the same job they are doing. this is taking money away from the people. The Joker responds with i believe what doesn’t kill you make you stranger. The challenges one encounters in life decides their disposition and interpreting jokers quote he is saying that being dead is better than living in that to be alive is to do things that are considered unethical. Another way to look at this quote would be in reference to his childhood and the bad things he endured  his surviving made him into the out cast he is.  The Dark knight is a  film that manages to mold what can be seen as an evil villain into a complex character that the viewer cares about. The joker is a dynamic character who goes after anyone he feels obstructs his goals good guys or bad guys. This neutrality brings him into favor with the audience as his role never changes. The joker is born from the vigilante batman and the viewer is left to wonder if the Batman did not exist, would there still be a evil like the Joker. The question of fear being a necessary for peace and hope can be seen in the batman’s symbol. This is an ominous Ode for criminals and gives hope to the people. The effects of fear however proved to counter productive has it gave rise to an opposition, this being the Joker. The dark knight explores symbolism and if ones image can bring about peace, it ask the question can a martyr bring about peace even if the individual was evil and the answer that i thought was presented was yes the people had faith in Harvey’s sacrifice and found a symbol of good, while Batman served as a symbol of Bad. These two are suggested to be needed and peace cannot be had without both a scape goat is needed.


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