The piece of Phaedrus as done by Bernstein reminds one of an individual desperately searching for something, the sporadic change of mood expresses what Phaedrus deems love as something hard to grasp. The piece is very frantic and dramatic. Aristophanes part of the serenade seems very cautious, it reminds me of a chase someone  trying to attain something not in reach. Erixymachus’s part of the serenade is more frantic the other pieces on characters in the symposium. Agathon’s piece  seems the saddest of all the pieces so far and does not offer drama like the other pieces.The piece on Socrates is different in that it gives of the tone and pace of someone searching for answers. The slowing down portions of Socrates symposium a result of him making a point. Socrates piece is also the summed up mood of the speakers in the symposium. The different tone for specific characters in the symposium is as a result of the different forms of art or craft they each undertake and as a result of their explanation. The serenade is Bernstein’s take on each character, possibly how he viewed the text and the passion he gets from the symposium.


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