The aforementioned  articles all tackle the question of what it means to be a women in America as depicted by the media. Certain topics in the articles were noticeable while others became apparent only through being mentioned. The article “Walsh, Beauty and the Patriarchal Beast” sets out to inform the reader that what they are watching may influence how they view and determine ways women are expected to act in society. The ultimate goal, to put women in the role of a Catalyst through which they are used to control the class pyramid of society(). The individual is asked to look outside the box, the roles of women though seeming to have power is nothing but a control mechanism to keep the elite in control. This is a strong analysis and really makes one think about the shows they watch, it is even more affective when you are able to read the articles speculations and apply it to shows that are similar and receive the same results, which is women being secondary to men but being smarter than the average joe whom they are married. Though there is evidence that women are being misrepresented, If the roles women possess in these shows are reflections of the real world, then isn’t that power?  This lends the question of if we are over analyzing certain aspects of culture? This would be a no and a yes, as if we are trying to find certain negatives and positives with shows that reflect characteristics of the real world then we will. One is left to think that maybe a cautious mind is necessary as some imagery do not come with words of persuasion but if seen multiple times can influence how we interpret things.  The article of “de Rossi, Unbearable Lightness” uses description to shed light on the anxiety women in the entertainment biz go through in order to keep the ideal image as seen on TV and in magazines. While reading the article i could not help but ask the question of when would the women feel obligated to seek help? as it was clear starving herself was an addiction. Though the way women are treated as second to men is unfair, through this article and the documentary “Miss representation” i have come to interpret women as emotionally weak and vulnerable to societal pressure, such can be seen in the girls that cut themselves and Porschia’s anorexia. This  as lead me to ponder  is men solely responsible for the miss representation of women or do women play a hand in this?  as can be seen in de Rossi and miss representation, women can be vicious towards each other.


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