rough draft

“67 countries in the world have had female presidents or prime ministers. The United States is not one of them. Cuba, China, Iraq and Afghanistan have more women in government than the US does.” In a country that spend billions of dollars on adds and earn billions from selling beauty products, the roles of women are defined, not as leaders but as objects to be manipulated and exploited for a society that places a premium on manliness, beauty and wealth.
“Miss Representation” a film that premiered on the Oprah network, deals with the issues of the media  and how its being such an ingrained part of our lives leads to miss representation of the female. The female is cast as a sexual object whose soul purpose is to attract men, their bodies perfect and even in roles of importance obligated to maintain the ideal of beauty the media has put forth.  what about the female in particular?. The media in essence determines how the boys and girls of today act; girls are taught that looks are important and determine their value and boys learn that this is what they should judge women by. The older women get the more they worry about their bodies for females “at age 13 53% are unhappy with their bodies and by age 17 that number goes to 78%, 65 % of girls have a eating disorder “(miss representation 9:32). Women who view themselves as objects become vulnerable to self-objectification, they are less happy and are mentally unproductive as they do not aspire to climb the success ladder. Television is a huge contributor to how women are viewed, as females are limited to stagnant roles that ultimately revolve around men. In “miss representation” The category of Chick flix, protagonist roles that have women as “Fighting Fuck toy” or the stuck up big business women who can’t get a man because she’s occupied with work, all contribute to the misrepresentation of women and leave the progress of women static. One can say this evaluation of women in films, is in fact true as women are conditioned into thinking, being aggressive and assertive in the corporate world will not get them a man. They are taught that women are not meant to be leaders, as if they are they will be lonely, stressed, volatile and unable to fulfill their natural call, which is child rearing. when watching such films a prevailing theme is women being “broken in” like a wild horse by a prince, she, then realizing that she wants to have kids and live the simple life, leaves her position of power to live with the “hot” average Joe or someone has successful as herself.   Miss Representation attributes one of the main cause of the stereotypes and lack of respect for women to be a result of lack of representation in the media in which their voices are so small, this limits the scope of women as a major way to nurture young women into self respect would be through the television. The film concludes that the way women can change this miss representation is by owning more tv networks and having more female film directors and more women of power. Then women would be able to control what their daughters view as well as show that it is not wrong to lead. Being that a large percentage of television is catered towards a male audience, male owned and carry male ideals of women, yes aquisition of more women networks as well as women influence in films will be quintessential in the fight to rewrite how women are and should be viewed according to women.


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