rough draft 2

“Many scholars argue that even when it appears that women have become more powerful characters on television, hegemonic narrative devices are often used to maintain patriarchal ideology.” The intellect of the female thus although appearing to be praised is downplayed as women have to take positions in the domestic sphere even though they are more qualified than their husbands to be the bred winner of their family.

The article “Beauty and the Patriarchal Beast: Gender Role Portrayals in Sitcoms Featuring Mismatched Couples”brings to light the issue of how women are portrayed in popular sitcoms such as Kings and Queens and According to Jim. The article encourages the reader to not blindly watch television but instead to consciously think about images being fed. The gender focused on mostly are Women and how they are portrayed as witty, smart and are married to dumb fat and immature males. This portrayal in sitcoms manages to mask American views, of women while over the years (7-9 years on air) subconsciously feeding Americans characteristics that undermine the female intellect as well as portray females as being dumb. Dumb in the fact that even though they are smart they are willing to be with someone beneath them because of love.  The episode of “fat city” the first season and second episode of the show finds the male lead, trying to prevent his wife from becoming like her mother who was once skinny but is know fat, she of course finds out about this and starts eating just to spite him. Though she is smart for catching to his plan, she is portrayed as stupid and so exact in getting her way, that she would harm herself and do the one thing “women hate most” getting fat. Hierarchy in according to Jim that places women at the bottom is established by examples shown in the article in which Cheryl from according to Jim is a Harvard grad but decides to be a stay at home mom. Another example shown in the article is Doug the lead from king of the hill he is shown having things to do outside of the home but the wife stays in. By normalizing women to the domestic sphere of home life the viewer is left to view males as dominant in that they are shown as working. Those who are shown as working men when one such as self watch shows i see them as dominant.


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