rough draft 3

“Did i look thin”? “I thought you looked like a normal, health woman.” Normal.Healthy.Woman. This quote symbolizes the twisted views of society in which through putting herself through a deep suffering that is Self hate the protaganist is told that she looks normal. The irony is the pains she suffered trying to battle to maintain a image created by the media was not worth looking normal.

In “de Rossi, Unbearable Lightness” the author uses both examples of
women obsessing about weight to show how twisted societies view on
beauty is and the irony of what is considered healthy, the narrator starves
herself and puts herself under mental stress just to be told by a colleague
that she looks like a normal healthy woman. The article provides the
reader with incite where he and she can fill in the blanks as well as gain
understanding of what it feels like to be an individual suffering from
anorexia. The narrators excruciating attention to detail tells the reader her
obsession with keeping the ideal weight is dangerous and borderline
ridiculous I had eaten my 60 cal. portion of tuna, using chopsticks and
allowing each bite of canned fish to be only the height and width of the
chopsticks themselves. This is one of the many extremes the narrator goes
through in an attempt to keep the ideal image, the reader is left to
sympathize with the narrator as her attempt to maintain the right weight
becomes a vicious cycle in which she deprives herself of food only to have
the natural instinct of the human body to feed itself when hungry ruin her
extreme diet. This is sad but told in a way that is almost comedic as the
protagonist actions make her that of a fein. Rossi’s perception of and
obsession with her weight is as a result of the expectations of society, this
is proven to be unbearable and in a twisted way a deceiving act on the
viewer as the actresses pains are not known. The consumer thus sees a
portrayal of human beauty that is not flawed when in reality, the risk of
maintaining said beauty is not worth the time or effort. The author asserts her views


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